CEO 인사말

    How are you?

    Fist of all, I appreciate your visit to KIM & S Korea Co., Ltd.'s homepage and your interest in our detergents, cleaning equipment and tools as well as wax products.

    KIM & S Korea Co., Ltd. has developed and sold various products such as wax, release agent, daily management detergents and dish washing detergents, etc. since its establishment in 1999. It has established firm place in the detergent for building maintenance. Furthermore, it has the most number of environmentally-friendly products in the same industry through its effort in the development of environmentally-friendly products, and has taken a lead in protecting nature, human and environment by developing wax and release agent products with less smell and irritation.

    KIM & S Korea Co., Ltd. has spurred the development of high performance and environmentally-friendly detergents, getting support from Kosil Co., Ltd since 2012 in overall areas including technology. We will continue to develop and launch these detergents for customers. In addition, we moved Wonju factory and Siheung office and warehouse to Ansan to improve systemization and efficiency of production management, and try our utmost to provide customers with satisfaction through speedy response to customer requirements and quality improvement.
    In the meantime, we have added cleaning equipment and tools to our product line to provide customers with various options to take.

    And also, KIM & S Korea Co., Ltd. has strived for the vision, "The global leader to take a lead in environmentally-friendly products and solutions for nature and human", since 2012. We will continue to exert ourselves and to make innovation for customer satisfaction and industry development based on our core values of enthusiasm, change and trust, and will try to promote mutual advancement based on the trust with our customers. We would appreciate your interest and support.

    Thank you,

    Sang Jin Kang / CEO, KIM & S Korea Co., Ltd.